On the last day in October in 1927, the oldest Greek Letter Jr. College Organization in the United States had its beginnings. Fresh from high school, the original twelve charter members were about to begin their first semester at an educational institute which also had its beginnings in 1927… Compton College.

After mutually agreeing to form the first fraternity on the new campus, charter member Jack Willard, suggested calling the members BP’s, stemming from the term “Bena Puer” meaning “good fellow.” This eventually evolved into the Greek equivalent… Beta Phi… and the world’s first Jr. College Greek Letter Fraternity was born.

First advisor to Beta Phi was Fred ‘Pop’ Lueders. ‘Pop’ helped to design the Fraternity Crest which has been with the fraternity since the founding. Symbolized on the Crest, are crossed swords of strength and determination, which have enabled the Fraternity to endure; the book symbolizing our respect for knowledge and sacred things; the clasped hands of fellowship and brotherhood; and the key of secrecy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep the flame of brotherhood lit.

Beta Phi History